Madison Telecom is a telecommunications firm involved in a variety of CATV services and fields spread across the south eastern United States. We provide excellent services to our clients through a network of sister companies and partners, related to all aspects of the CATV industry. We strive to provide the best in quality services beyond current industry standards and believe in a strong client employee relationship.

20 years of business have seen Madison Telecom ranked as one of the top telecom firms in the nation, through hard work, dedication, a pledge to honesty, community values, and integrity we are proud to support our over 300 employees and their families.

We provide future employees the training, support, and leadership needed to start a new career in the telecommunications industry, as well as the stability and structure needed for long-term employees to prosper and thrive in their professional and personal lives.

In the ever-changing world of CATV and telecommunications, Madison Telecom and her partners have been and will continue to be, a strong force for growth, innovation, prosperity, and excellence. We are proud to be a member of our community and leaders in our industry, and we are proud to offer you a chance to join us on our continued growth and success.