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Current Openings

Residential CATV Install Technician – Installation of cable television, internet, and telephone in customer homes.

Commercial CATV Install Technician – Installation of cable television, internet, and telephone in customer businesses.

Drop Bury Technician – Burying of CATV utility drops on residential and commercial properties.

Warehouse Personnel – Stocking and tracking of equipment and installation related items.

Dispatcher – Support of field installation personnel

Mainline Construction – Installation of fiber and coaxial feeder utility cables.



I started training at Madison with a determination to make an honest living. My expectations for such a career were met with an unrivaled training program. Two experienced trainers hold the reigns and divide and conquer with the use of realistic field training with scheduled jobs, while another delves deeper into the inner workings of cable.

I immediately was place in field training upon my first day. While it would seem unorthodox to do so, the end game was much appreciated. We were taught the basics of installation and all that it encompassed. Troubleshooting, equipment hookup, and meter usage were among some of the first skills I began to develop.

After a week of running jobs with our field trainer, I was placed in the classroom. The classroom environment consisted of small hands on work, note and test taking. We were exposed to informational videos, powerpoint and developmental lectures that leisurely and inconspicuously allowed a Q&A to spark.

I spent a total of five weeks of intermittent field training and classroom training, respectively. A final exam is taken to judge your knowledge of cable standards, signal calculation and equipment knowledge. All in all, the length and quality of my training was more than adequate and, currently in the field, I feel confident in that I’m a dependable asset to the company.