I started training at Madison with a determination to make an honest living. My expectations for such a career were met with an unrivaled training program. Two experienced trainers lead us to divide and conquer with the use of realistic field training, and deep dives into the inner workings of cable.

We were taught the basics of installation and all that it encompasses. Troubleshooting, equipment hookup, and meter usage were among some of the first skills I began to develop.

The classroom environment consisted of hands on work, informational videos, and developmental lectures that leisurely and inconspicuously allowed a Q&A to spark between the trainees and instructor.

I spent a total of five weeks of field and classroom training, respectively. All in all, the length and quality of my training was more than adequate and I am currently in the field. I feel confident that I’m a dependable asset to the company.

I’ve been a technician with Madison for almost 12 years. I’ve seen the company grow tremendously during that time and I can’t see myself anywhere else. I look forward to spending another 12 years with these people.

I had worked for a few other cable companies before I found Madison. I was surprised how much better Madison treats their employees than other companies I was familiar with. They really try to treat every employee with respect and fairness.

Madison is very family oriented, I’ve never felt like just a number. The job is a challenging yet a rewarding way to make a living.

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Auxiliary Insurance

Madison Positions

Residential CATV Install Technician – Installation of cable television, internet, and telephone in customer homes.

Commercial CATV Install Technician – Installation of cable television, internet, and telephone in customer businesses.

Drop Bury Technician – Burying of CATV utility drops on residential and commercial properties.

Warehouse Personnel – Stocking and tracking of equipment and installation related items.

Dispatcher – Support of field installation personnel

Mainline Construction – Installation of fiber and coaxial feeder utility cables.

Payroll Clerk– Biweekly payroll, Paylocity