At Madison Telecommunications, our core values revolve around placing family first, both within our team and in our customer relationships.

Our employees are the heartbeat of our company. We prioritize cultivating a work environment that values their contributions and celebrates their achievements. By fostering a culture of support and recognition, we attract and retain exceptional talent who embody our commitment to excellence. As the frontline ambassadors of our brand, we prioritize their well-being, ensuring they are empowered to deliver exceptional service with a smile.

Understanding our customers’ unique needs is paramount to our success. We are dedicated to providing unparalleled customer service, underpinned by innovative training methods that equip our team with the skills to exceed expectations. By prioritizing both employee and customer satisfaction, we strengthen the fabric of our business and foster long-lasting relationships built on trust and mutual respect.

At Madison Telecommunications, success isn’t just about achieving results—it’s about the journey we take to get there, guided by our unwavering dedication to putting family first every step of the way.

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Quick installation, friendly staff, Good service so far.

It already appears better than the competition. The installer was absolutely great. He communicated to us throughout the process. We appreciate that. Thanks.

You came when you said you would and did what you said you would. Technician was very kind and helpful. Everything was perfect. The service tech that came to our house was absolutely technically savvy and connected our four outlets in a reasonable time. Done early and professionally and the tech gave exceptional customer service.

The tech explained the new box that he brought and the new remote control. I had no clue how to work any of it before. He was very helpful and made it very simple. He was very knowledgeable.

First, the technician was very well mannered. He was professional and courteous. He went about his business doing what he had to do and still provided exceptional service. He checked to see if I knew how to use the apparatus and remained to see if there were any questions. Thank you.

The technician assured us even with the problems that he was having, he would make sure that all the TV’s would be set up today and that was exactly what happened. Thank you!!

The technician was very thoughtful that my elderly mom was in the home. He involved us in trouble shooting, making us feel comfortable with what he was doing and what we were receiving.

He was so professional and he was so kind.

He was very fast and friendly. He came on time, was very nice and actively made sure everything was working before he left.

The technician came early. He was friendly, he hooked everything up in an hour and worked quickly since I had a doctors appointment. Great job!!!