Tola M. Haynes, Jr.

Madison Telecommunications, Inc.

TJ started Madison Telecommunications in 1997 at the age of 23. TJ flourishes on setting goals and working to achieve them. He also thrives on challenges and competitiveness. More than anything else, TJ loves being a diplomat and peacemaker.

His children are his heart, which set the foundation for Madison Telecommunications being a family- oriented company. As a father of 4 sons and 1 daughter, TJ managed to run a business and make it to every baseball/football game and practice. He also assisted in coaching and even managed to play a round or two of golf with his sons and only daughter.

Starting with a staff of under 10, TJ has grown his company to 115 employees and is still growing. TJ has hand picked and trained, one on one, most of his foundational employees. Occasionally, you will still find him in the field working with his techs to ensure he keeps in practice. Customers receive excellence of service and the highest of business ethics and integrity when dealing with Madison Telecommunications.

As a God oriented company, TJ’s motto is “God has a plan and a sense of humor.”