Toby Howard


Toby started his career as supervisor in 1993 with Mohawk carpets. With 25 years of experience, his diverse range of knowledge mostly came from on job experience, Although he has been thru training classes on how to deal with day to day problems. Toby came to the Madison family in 2004 where he started as tech and has worked his way thru the ranks of the company. He loves the way he’s treated at Madison as if he is one of the family, and is able to have a voice. Expectation to become a cable Installer for Madison, Not scared of heights, Crawlspaces, able to multitask, able to complete task given in a timely manner, able to work independently. Toby love’s to play golf, hunt, fish, hike, sports, just the outdoor life. Loves going to Church and serving God. Toby is married with 4 beautiful daughters.