Kenny Haynes

Vice President

Kenny Haynes joined Madison Telecommunications in the early years of its infancy as a technician. While growth happened over a span of 12 years and the demand for more support in the field became evident, he was promoted to a Supervisor, then Manager, and later Director of Operations. In 2008 further growth of the company found Kenny in a new exciting and rewarding role as the Vice President of Madison. He has walked beside all the leaders of Madison to build a company not marked with only Success in terms of performance, but more importantly a company known for its affections for the employee, ethics, and endurance.

Though success in many roles in business, Kenny knows that his position and title is not to boast over others but to use his position to encourage, challenge, and love others. His greatest hope is that he would be known above all for his passion and love for his Savior, Jesus Christ. He has a tremendous heart for his family and pursues them with abandonment. Kenny married his high school sweetheart and the love of his life Ashley. He and Ashley have a wonderful marriage, and are blessed with six incredible children: Trinity, Aiden, Elaura, Justus, Abigail, Elsie. All of whom you will see from time to time being part of his daily duties. Kenny’s favorite past-times and what he is known for is spending time in prayer, in God’s word, with his family and being a kid with the kids.